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Being heroes means thinking like heroes.
We are heroes because we are looking for art and instead of choosing adventures we choose people. Only with heroes can we experience heroic adventures.

Constructing civilization via relationships.
Art means making us aware that we are masterpieces and as human beings we are unique.. Original.
Extraordinary. Nobody excepted.
What Nèon produces is based on the principle of recognizing, through art, the skills and capabilities of people who live in a state of social, physical and psychological fragility.

The Nèon Cultural Association was founded in Catania in 1989.
The Founders were Piero Ristagno and Monica Felloni.
They trained in experimental cultural and artistic environments in Italy and abroad in the 1980s.
In Sicily they gave birth to an original type of drama: the Theatre of Diversity.

Nèon works in the field of Theatre, Publishing, Cinema.

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