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Directed by Monica Felloni

The play follows the “Nobody Excluded” book of photographs by the artist Jessica Hauf (Néon Editions). A collection of photos of the most significant plays that the Nèon Cultural Association has staged in the past decade.
The show emphasizes the right and opportunity for all people, including those with disabilities, to access artistic creation, especially if the talent is cultivated, encouraged and recognized. Stage actions, immortalized in photographs, portray the daily life of poetry, bodies and visions, composing a new phrasing of human civilization to be shared.
The play, true to the Theatre of Poetry that has always characterized the direction of Monica Felloni, was created with the aim of attracting young people to the theatre and to begin an educational and pedagogical path towards issues concerning minorities, the handicapped, the environmental, cultural and linguistic diversity we are confronted with every day.
Staged actions of improvisation and interaction with the public are intertwined with lyrics inspired by the contemporary literature of Saramago, Whitman, Roversi and moments of particular intensity of opera music played by the singer Alfina Fresta.

Director: Monica Felloni

Actors: Monica Felloni, Giuseppe Calcagno, Alfina Fresta, Stefania Licciardello, Enzo Malerba, Emily Reitano.
Script by Piero Ristagno
Néon Cultural Association
Artistic Director Piero Ristagno

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