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by Piero Ristagno and Stefania Licciardello
Directed by Monica Felloni

The play “Thank You Mr. Down” was born in 2010 on the 10th anniversary of the Catania section of the Compagnia “Bagnati di Luna A.I.P.D..
“There are those who want a world with no excesses, where sounds are muted, lights are dimmed, colours faded, but wouldn’t a more exciting and natural world be one where colours are bright, sounds are sharp and lights are dazzling?” “Thank you Mr. Down” illuminates once more the beauty developed over the years by the Down-Syndrome actors with their skill in acting a performance about their special nature. A nature which is culture and a hymn to life, leaving the Theatre the artistic task of signalling the irreducible diversity of being men and women free to meet. “Thank you Mr. Down” is, in fact, a place where diversities can meet and recognise each other as values. Everything happens on the stage at once, with an expert interweaving of music, dance and texts from the theatrical tradition such as the poems by Stefania Licciardello and Piero Ristagno, with the centre of the stage featuring bodies incarnating the mythical substance of the Theatre as life manifesting itself. An impeccable aesthetic expression which breathes strength and beauty.

“…I’m Down I was born special, with chestnut-shaped eyes, this is my dream and I’ll not change my mind. Ever!”

Directed by: Monica Felloni
Assistant to the Director: Giuseppe Calcagno
Actors: Giuseppe Calcagno, Marco Cinque, Irene D’Amico, Luca D’Angelo, Emanuela Dei Pieri, Stefania Di Prima, Patrizia Fichera, Stefania Licciardello, Jonathan Loria, Enzo Malerba, Manuela Partanni, Carmelo Privitera, Emily Reitano, Pietro Russo, Valeria Sciuto, Daniela Teriaca.
Texts by Stefania Licciardello and Piero Ristagno
Scenography: Pippo D’Angelo
Nèon  Cultural Association
Artistic Director: Piero Ristagno

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